Rudywear: A line of active clothing for people who actively love their dogs.

Rudywear was established in 2016, which would be the year 14,112 in dog years. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that the concept and idea of Rudywear is based on our loving dog whose name, which probably won’t surprise you, is Rudy.

Now Rudy is completely remarkable and unique, just like any other dog. And certainly, just like yours. So after 30 years of rolling around in the branding and apparel business, we decided to launch our own line of fun and comfortable athletic and casual wear as a tribute to Rudy, and to all dogs and dog lovers everywhere.

Rudywear is an ever-expanding line of active apparel and accessories that unleash the boundless spirit of energy and pure joy and happiness that our best friends bring into our lives.

And speaking of that, Rudywear is a proud supporter of Best Friends Animal Society. You can find out more about this important effort on our Giving Back page. But for now, we’ll just tell you that for every Rudywear purchase you make, we’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to this wonderful cause.